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Community engagement is vital to the work that Community Lighthouse Foundation undertakes. Interacting with families, young people, people of different faiths and none, community organisations is the sign of a healthy and vibrant community.

Community Lighthouse seeks to provide an environment for this to take place and encourages active participation from all sectors of the community.


Projects that are delivered with this aim in mind vary and include:



Feeding the Homeless & Needy: Support is provided to organisations and charities such as Burnley Refuge, SafeNet, Calico, Emmaus Burnley and many others in the form of food donations on a regular basis.


"Dear Mr Malik


On behalf of all the staff and companions at Emmaus Burnley we thank you for the kind donations of food we have been receiving.

We have been able to have many lovely meals together with enough left over to freeze for the weekends when our kitchen is not open.


We appreciate your generosity and kindness.

Kind Regards from all at Emmaus Burnley."



"Dear Friends


I am writing to thank you and your colleagues at the Community Lighthouse for your recent generous donation. This will be greatly appreciated by our residents at the Burnley Refuge.


Many women and children arrive at the Refuge with little or no belongings and your donation goes a long way to helping them to rebuild their lives. We also told them that we would get back to you regarding your volunteers who would like to do ground work etc. Unfortunately, this might not be appropriate due to our confidentiality policy. We apologise for this.


But thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Natalie Dimech

SafeNet Domestic Abuse Service"



"Dear Mr Malik,

We would just like to thank you for the donation of food we received this morning, it is very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Danielle Curtis-Botting

Assistant Project Worker

Elizabeth Street Project


CLF In The Community

Homeless Support: Community Lighthouse Foundation has provided support for those seeking shelter and a roof over their head. Through active support to young families and those in need in the locality, participants of other projects have contributed voluntarily ranging from various small and large household items to counselling and social support including helping to find employment.


In 2014 Sarah & Yusef due to unfortunate circumstances were homeless. We found them knocking on doors on a wet and windy Friday evening, looking for work to earn money for food.

With the support from our many volunteers we were able to find them a house, and with generous donations, furnish the house and make a nursery for the expectant Sarah .

We also found employment for Yusef and one of our brothers also donated a bicycle so Yusef could get to his place of employment.




Weekly Meditation: Proven to help alleviate anxiety and depression, mediation is hosted for families to come together and participate in meditation in a relaxing environment. A communal meal is served to all attendees and a friendly welcoming atmosphere is fostered to encourage involvement.





Sacred Movement: A special method is utilised to engage participants in gentle physical meditation known as Sacred Movement. Through this activity young and old can exert their energies in a positive manner helping them to overcome stresses and anxieties from daily lives.




Drum Therapy: Using musical instruments particularly Drums, a space is provided for exploration of creativity and skills. Accompanied with sacred songs, Drum Therapy seeks to provide an environment in which young and old can express themselves in a positive and constructive manner.



Community Excursions: Communal trips are organised by Community Lighthouse Foundation to attend seminars and conferences. These trips galvanize community spirit and build relationships with those attending the events. Executive coaches are used with onboard facilities to cater and provide for young children and the elderly, thus ensuring participation from all sections of the community especially those not usually engaged.




Weekly Open Home Program - ‘Breaking Bread Together’: This program seeks to bring together and build long term relationships within the community by small groups hosting each other at their family homes. The aim is to ‘Break Bread Together’ by sharing a meal with each other and fostering a sense of community and familiarity. Weekly meals are rotated throughout the group thus ensuring that every participant receives an opportunity to ‘Open their Home’ to their new friends.




School Engagement: Local schools are worked with to ensure support is provided where necessary and sharing of resources takes place to combat issues in schools that require external expertise particularly around radicalisation. Our volunteer group include teachers and individuals with years of experience in education and youth development and thus Community Lighthouse Foundation provides a unique service in the community through expertise it utilises to enhance local school environments and delivery of sensitive subject material.


Visits to Places of Worship: School visits to local Mosques are hosted, providing an opportunity for members of the local community to learn about each other and enhance their interaction throughout the area.



Interfaith Dialogue: An essential part of a vibrant community is the working partnership between different sections of the residents and organisations actively working in the community. Visits to places of worship have been hosted by members of Community Lighthouse Foundation for those of a different faith and members of civil society in order to foster greater understanding and closer working relationships. Engagement with initiatives undertaken by Interfaith groups have also been enhanced and will continue to be worked with in this much needed social sphere.