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Internationally, Food Aid and Welfare programmes have been running since 2006. Helping to feed the poor and destitute in areas of Gujrat, Pakistan. This work has grown steadily over the years to incorporate specific programmes throughout the yearly calendar.

All projects are delivered on a voluntary basis from collection of kind donations to distribution of much needed aid. Currently numerous individual programmes are underway that serve orphaned children, widows and economically challenged families struggling to meet their basic needs.






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CLF International Welfare

CLF Training & Education Centre: Especially catering for Orphan and Poor Children in Pakistan.


Alongside our continuing International Welfare programmes we are happy to announce the construction of a Training & Educational Centrein Gujrat, Pakistan. This supplementary school will also act as a community hub for orphans and the destitute to gain skills that will better their lives.






















Community Water Wells - Somalia Rohingya Appeal - Food Aid













Ramadan Food Aid - 2010 onwards: In accordance with local celebrations and special events, every year during the fasting month of Ramadan, Food Aid is distributed to families struggling with their basic needs. Food is purchased in bulk and packed by volunteers to be distributed shortly before the fasting month begins. Ramadan Food Aid Packs contain lentils, vegetables, flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar and other staples required for a medium size family to last the full month Ramadan. This alleviates the worry and concern of families anxious of where their next meal is coming from. As part of this program, previous recipients of Food Aid that have improved in their financial and social economic situation, volunteer to improve the lives of others in their community and continue to show appreciation for the support they received through Community Lighthouse Foundation.



Communal Breaking Bread: Towards the culmination of the fasting month of Ramadan, local orphaned children, widows, the poor and destitute are invited to a Communal Breaking Bread. Late in to the night attendees are hosted and encouraged to partake in the full meal served by volunteers.



Marriage Aid Projects: Aimed at orphans and those affected by extreme poverty, these projects cover the entire costs of marriages. "Packages" are also provided consisting of furniture, electronics as well as basic appliances to kick start new family lives.




Eid Gift Aid: During the celebratory festival of Eid ul Fitr gift parcels are distributed to orphaned children, widows and the poor. These Eid Gift Aid parcels contain food, clothes and treats food for families during the celebratory period. Community Lighthouse Foundation aims to alleviate the distress and dismay of those that are without family and are especially neglected during these communal events.




Qurbani Food Aid: In celebration of the completion of the Hajj ritual, those that are eligible to, make sacrifices and distribute this amongst family and relations. It is often during these moments that widows and orphans feel the absence of parents or breadwinners within the home. Community Lighthouse Foundation provides Qurbani Food Aid for families during this period catering for their needs during this festive celebration. Communal sacrifices are made and along with staple foods and gifts, meat is distributed to the needy to suffice for a full family.




Muharram Food Aid: The new lunar calendar year brings with it challenges for those that struggle to make ends meet. In this regard Community Lighthouse Foundation provides a program that aims to start the year with staples of food and clothing for orphans and widows that would otherwise struggle during this time.




Eid Milad Food Aid: In local communities those that are without family support structures are most vulnerable to despair and hopelessness when others are in celebratory spirits. It is with the desire not to leave these people behind that Community Lighthouse Foundation provides gifts of food and clothing so as to give the opportunities for struggling parents and children the space to enjoy and grow within their respective communities without worrying about their next meal or clothing requirements.


CLF Water Pumps Welfare Program: Throughout the year Community Lighthouse Foundation provides water pumps for families struggling with basic amenities. These are installed within the locality so as to provide clean and fresh drinking water to families that previously had to make lengthy daily journeys to provide for their families. This is a special project that is particularly utilised by kind donors to provide water pumps in the memory of loved and dear ones. These water pumps are truly a lifeline for families on the edge of poverty and serve as a means to bring local families together to share resources provided by Community Lighthouse Foundation.




























CLF Back to Work Welfare Program: This program is a unique project that aims to lift the causes of poverty and despair by providing training and resources to those able to work but do not have the skills or resources to find employment. Support is provided in acquiring equipment or qualifications in order to find employment. This can range from a scooter for deliveries to skills learnt in the plastering, plumbing and other trades. These recipients are usually on the cusp of the poverty line with family dependents that are unable to attend school, learn new skills or develop their economic circumstances. Through this program long term poverty is avoided and communities are developed to provide a skilled labour force and environment in which the community itself works towards a thriving and productive environment. The recipients of the ‘Back to Work Welfare Program’ also volunteer with passion and drive for the delivery of all the above mentioned projects, helping to alleviate the suffering of those less fortunate in their locality and communities. Thus this program seeks to become the driving force behind long term strategic alleviation of poverty.