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Community Lighthouse Foundation


Community Lighthouse Foundation is a registered charity that works in the UK and abroad helping those in need from various backgrounds and social spheres.

Working with various age groups Community Lighthouse Foundation runs numerous programs on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. We work with local organisations and statuary bodies to provide a holistic approach to community development.


Community Lighthouse Foundation operates on a completely voluntary basis serving three distinct areas of engagement:


CLF Youth Development


CLF seeks to develop, nurture and cultivate young people to achieve their potential.

CLF In The Community


Interacting with families, young people, people of different faiths and none - vital community engagement.

CLF International Welfare


Food Aid and Welfare programs, helping the poor and destitute in areas of Gujrat, Pakistan.

All three areas serve to contribute to a holistic approach to community development, through serving to build up young people to contribute to their current communities, enhancing existing communities through engagement and providing everyone with the opportunity to help those in need around the world.

Thus this approach seeks to develop young people to become active, understanding and contributing members of their communities.

It provides the existing communities with opportunities for families, young and old to strengthen ties and also build new relationships with others throughout community via Interfaith, youth and social interaction.

Whilst this local work continues an opportunity is also provided to help those in need and less fortunate which in turn aids to crystallise the benefits and potential available to those fortunate not be living in such desperate conditions.


Community Lighthouse Foundation seeks to sustain and build on these projects. All projects are voluntarily run and contributions are wholly used to further the aforementioned projects. Community Lighthouse Foundation seeks to grow organically and develop its activities to build, strengthen and enhance the service it provides to all the community.

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