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About Us



Mr Shokat Malik


Mr Malik is a community leader in the Lancashire area and is recognised by local religious and business groups for his ability to organise and administer social and community projects. He has previously held the position of the Vice chairman of the Voice Pennine Forum which has been set up to tackle Extremism and Islamophobia across East Lancashire. Mr Malik is also the Executive Director for Sufi Muslim Council which helps both Muslim and the non-Muslim communities understand the importance of the community cohesion and social development. As a founder member, Trustee and Director of the ‘Centre for Spirituality & Cultural Advancement’, a registered charity launched by HRH Prince Charles, Mr Malik worked with Prime Minister Tony Blair’s office after the London bombings of July 2007 to tackle radicalisation and the root causes of extremism. This work continued under Prime Minister Gordon Brown & former Home Secretary Hazel Blears. For over twenty years Mr Malik has volunteered and shown commitment to improving community relations and develop cohesion both locally and nationally.

Through his extensive social network and credibility in the Muslim community, Mr Malik is often called upon to help in the rehabilitation of criminal offenders and in bringing those young Muslims on the edges of society back into the mainstream. He is also accountable for developing the infrastructure of the organisation.

Mr Malik has worked tirelessly to develop young people, across the Pennine valley and Northwest, into active citizens through initiatives catered to their needs and requirements. Providing leadership and direction for mentoring programs for young adults and co-ordination for a team of dedicated volunteers in the field of Meditation, Drum Therapy and Sacred Movement along with other social projects. Community engagement and cohesion across cultural, religious and social areas is integral to Mr Malik’s ongoing community development work. Having developed support for homeless and struggling families, Mr Malik is an avid advocate for social engagement through education and career development.

Mr Malik currently runs a business in Nelson and has three children attending local schools.



Mr Ghulam Mujtaba


Mr Mujtaba is a dynamic community worker with a passion for enhancing and contributing positively to local and regional projects bringing forward community cohesion and cultural development. With a background in youth development and interfaith work, Mr Mujtaba has worked diligently across the Northwest in providing young people with opportunities and experiences to augment their academic and cultural upbringing.

Evening fitness clubs, martial arts and traditional Archery projects have been co-ordinated and delivered by Mr Mujtaba over the years. Special focus has been given to providing a wide range of activities including after school clubs, summer programs, seminars, international residential programs and seminars with world renowned teachers of self -defence and cultural arts.

As Founding Member of ‘Salam Shalom’, a Muslim-Jewish bridge building community and educational organisation and also founder of the ‘Muslim-Christian Forum of Bury’, Mr Mujtaba has a particular interest in crossing community divides and bringing people together. This work has led him to work closely with statuary bodies such as schools, colleges and borough councils in delivering workshops and providing advice and consultation on a range of religious, youth and community related issues.

Mr Mujtaba currently serves as Principal at two large central Mosques and Educational Institutes in Brierfield and Burnley, having developed and instigated modern teaching curriculums and processes, including safeguarding with staff and volunteers.



Miss Shabnum Rashid


Miss Rashid is a keen member of the British Pakistani Muslim community with an aspiration to aid and enrich community cohesion, youth development and interfaith relations. Her undergraduate studies in ‘Religion, Culture and Society’ have ministered her understanding of what a healthy community looks like and what it requires to flourish. She highlights and emphasises the ample role Religion and Culture play in thriving communities. Her Postgraduate Certificate in Primary education has equipped her to serve the youth in her community by sharing and modelling her values in a diverse learning environment.

Over the years Miss Rashid has worked for community organisations across various diverse and interfaith communities, creating opportunities for each community to appreciate, learn and complement each other.

As part of Miss Rashid's passion her works have included organising and running the ‘Faith and Music Schools Project’. This entailed working withrepresentatives of the Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Bahai community to initiate an exclusive Faith and Music programme for Year 6 students from four different Primary schools in Nelson and Colne. This also gave Miss Rashid the platform to lead simultaneous workshops on physical, social and health education in Primary and Secondary schools across Pendle. The workshops consisted of highlighting and combating issues such as racism, prejudice, stereotyping and bullying.

Miss Rashid currently serves as a Primary School teacher at Great Marsden St John’s Primary School in Nelson which is a Church of England Academy. Her role entails teaching the National Curriculum to a mixed class of 30 children in Lower Key Stage 2. She also regularly conducts Drum Therapy sessions for young women and works in supporting the weekly sessions and works of Community Lighthouse Foundation.



Mr Asif Khan


Mr Khan is a talented and seasoned teacher who currently works as Head of Faculty for New Technologies at Accrington Academy. A Computer Science specialist, Mr Khan has accumulated vast experience of working with students from all sorts of backgrounds, disabilities and socio-economic experiences. His current role involves working with students from deprived communities, broken families as well as those with complex personal needs.

Mr Khan has a passion for Religious Education and has led many projects looking at social cohesion between people of all faiths. He has successfully run comparative religion sessions across Bolton, Blackburn and Accrington, with guest speakers and input from local Christian Ministers and Muslim Imams. With an appetite for the outdoors, Mr Khan regularly ventures to the Lake District, running hiking projects for teenagers and the elderly alike, teaching survival skills, self-confidence, communication and decision making skills.

As a keen admirer of the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi, Mr Khan is keen to spread the teachings of Rumi to all those with a spiritual and mystical approach to life. As such he has spent much time in the middle-east, visiting churches, monasteries, mosques and areas of significant history which have all been influenced by Rumi’s teachings.



Mr Qassim Anwar

Mr Anwar is a committed volunteer with Community Lighthouse Foundation and is integral to the organisation of many of the events and projects. With nearly 10 years’ community voluntary experience Mr Anwar is an avid supporter of mentoring programs working with young people in difficult circumstances.

Mr Anwar has a passion for working with young people, helping them to develop their full potential and learn new skills. Acting as a mentor both in sports and in the community, Mr Anwar is working towards his FA football coaching certificate alongside working full time for the telecom communications company, EE Limited.

Mr Anwar is married with two young children.



Mrs Hadiqa Abbas

Mrs Abbas is a business woman running her own beauty and natural skincare products range. Mrs Abbas is in tune with young women and their needs through her experience of working in the community and particularly through her use of social media to reach out to those less engaged.

Helping to organise and steer social media engagement surrounding the projects of Community Lighthouse Foundation is a passion of Mrs Abbas’ and is keen to develop this platform to constructively engage young people in various local and international projects.

Mrs Abbas volunteers at the weekly events helping to conduct, organise and support work with young women and young people especially susceptible to be marginalised in the wider community. As a young mother Mrs Abbas has a welcoming attitude that enhancing the experience of attendees and also serves as an example of hard work and determination in making the community in which she resides a better and more cohesive environment to live.



Mr Baabar Alyas

As well as being an active volunteer with Community Lighthouse Foundation, Mr Alyas also deals with the administration element of the charity. Website designing, Volunteer IDs, leaflets, posters for events are some of the areas where Mr Alyas brings his previous work experiences on-board.

Like all the affiliated volunteers Mr Alyas has a strong passion for the charity and its work, which makes his commitment towards Community Lighthouse Foundation very personal.





Community Lighthouse has a wide range of volunteers and mentors that contribute to the projects in the UK and abroad. These include teachers, students, professionals, carers and others that provide core, logistical and supplementary support. Community Lighthouse seeks to collate and reflect back into the community existing skills and services that may otherwise not have a become apparent and also provide a medium to expand upon and share with others in the community those skills and services.

We aim to deliver our services sincerely and in a positive manner. Consideration and care for each other is cornerstone to the manner in which our volunteers work. The passion of our volunteers is the driving engine of Community Lighthouse Foundation with successful projects serving as the milestones on our journey forward together.





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